Tuesday, July 27, 2010

link to my first published story

this is a story i wrote in march 2006 - on a news item i read in dec 2005 in The Hindu. it is the story of an adolescent dreamy, romantic girl in a village who does not get counted as a person - either at home, or in the census. it is about her journey through life - and what she finds in the end. . . 'ek an-gina naam'http://www.eklavya.in/pdfs/Sandarbh_68/78-90_An_Uncounted_Name.pdf

Sandarbh is a magazine on education - it published the story in its march-april 2010 issue. it is special for me as this was the first time something i wrote was published (except a letter to the editor in the good ole' days of Naidunia :). . .) - and guess what? it turned out to be a good omen!!

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