Saturday, December 29, 2007

More on the Benazir incident

As Anil, a friend of mine pointed out, " thing we all are missing in the whole discussion is that Benazir has been a staunch advocate of seeking better relations and expanding trade and economic ties with India. There are very few politicians in pakistan who have shown the courage to publicly advocate such an approach."
Secondly she did specifically say in at least one of her public addresses that she'd fight the broadening and putting up of terrorist bases in tribal regions. Plus, she'd met Hamid Karzai that day only and it's the Afghan-Pak border which is porous and a great aid to terrorist aspirations and intentions.
So one isn't surprised that she was gotten rid of real fast.
Though i have yet to see press releases or reports of what transpired between the two leaders.

And for an interesting analysis take a look at this article published in The Hindu on 29th Dec, written by Tariq Ali- (following is an excerpt- the closing para from the article and at the end is the link)

"Benazir’s horrific death should give her colleagues pause for reflection. To be dependent on a person or a family may be necessary at certain times, but it is a structural weakness, not a strength for a political organisation. The PPP needs to be refounded as a modern and democratic organisation, open to honest debate and discussion, defending social and human rights, uniting the many disparate groups and individuals in Pakistan desperate for any halfway decent alternative, and coming forward with concrete proposals to stabilise occupied and war-torn Afghanistan. This can and should be done. The Bhutto family should not be asked for any more sacrifices."
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